Eastern Shore Hair and Beauty Expo

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About us

The Eastern Shore Hair Beauty Expo purpose is to encourage, educate and liberate all who is willing to embrace their natural hair and love the beauty of it.  The event will help anyone who is natural, who is transitioning or who is thinking about becoming natural on how to maintain healthy hair.   It will be an opportunity for attendees to network, mingle  and support other naturals. The Expo will feature vendors, educational workshops, panel discussion, demonstrations, giveaways and entertainment.

Meet the Organizers



I am a wife, mother of two, I.S. Microcomputer/Analyst, event organizer and a natural hair enthusiast. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Networking and Cyber Security. After being educated by my hair stylist Pennie, I started my  hair journey.  I've been on the natural journey for 8 years. With Pennie's help, I started the Natural Hair Meetup group in my area so that other naturals can learn the basics of natural hair and how to maintain their healthy hair. Over the last 10 years, I have organized banquets, parties, education classes and luncheons events.



Hello, my name is Pennie, I am a devoted cosmetologist since the year of 1996. Growing my craft in the both the states of Delaware and Maryland. While raising my three children, I certified my passion and god given talent by attending Delmarva Beauty Academy. Gaining my certification in the prime years of true hair artistry and creativity, the late 90’s wild undo's, and crazy colors sparked my passion. Fast forward to the YouTube era and natural hair journeys it’s a breath of fresh air that women are now concerned with the health of their hair and not just with the way it looks. With my educational training and ambition of my new and older eager natural clients has sparked another level of love in the hair world. Being a part of this natural hair movement with Lori, I am beyond excited and privilege.

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